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10 Ways To Experiment With Lighting

Date Posted: August, 16 2016, Posted By: Deya Banerjee Categories: Ideas & Inspiration

The lighting in a home has the power to dictate the mood and perceived size of a room. The elements that come together when the right lighting is achieved transform a room into a seamless combination of functionality and style. 1. The Room Brightener Have a wall with an interesting texture? Bring it to everyone’s notice by highlighting it with track lighting. [ read more ]

7 Ways To Display Your Precious Collectibles

Date Posted: August, 15 2016, Posted By: Dian Melissa Categories: Ideas & Inspiration

Each one of us owns something that we deem to be too precious to give away. It could be an array of souvenirs that have accumulated over the years, valuable limited edition items, or just a stockpile of soft toys which have a greater personal meaning. We explore the various ways you can display them! 1. Eye-Catching Glass Displays You can set aside a large glass display in your living room where all your collectibles go, with hanging spotlights that make the items look even more impressive. [ read more ]

10 Classic D├ęcor Trends That Will Make Your Home Fashionable Forever

Date Posted: August, 15 2016, Posted By: Deya Banerjee Categories: Ideas & Inspiration

Keep your home looking fashionable and in trend no matter which year you are in. Future you will thank you for these tips in another 4 years.  1.      The Thrift Shop Keeps Distressed or worn out pieces create a collected, designer look. [ read more ]

10 Interesting Wall Decorations To Fill Your Home's Empty Walls

Date Posted: August, 12 2016, Posted By: Dian Melissa Categories: Ideas & Inspiration

The biggest perk that comes with designing your own house is that the visions you've had for the home of your dreams over the years can finally become reality, so empty walls just won't do. For various options of wall decorations you may consider to give the walls of your home an extra boost, keep reading! 1. Pulse Of The City Why not fill up a wall with stunning wallpaper, like a picture of a city landscape or skyline? It'll refresh the look of the room and add a trendy touch. The key is not to overdo it, though, so leave it on one side of the room. [ read more ]

9 Punggol Homes That Will Wow You

Date Posted: August, 12 2016, Posted By: Clarisse Sim Categories: Ideas & Inspiration

Ask anyone in this generation to name the number one most probable place they’ll be buying a house in the future and chances are high that they will tell you, it’s Punggol. Projected as the next known metropolitan area with it’s up-and-coming waterfront districts, abundant greenery and budding families, it’s definitely a hot location for new homes.   Here are 6 Punggol homes that will mesmerise: 1. Vintage/Industrial An old, classical themed room is what you get when you place bronze pipes as handles for your rustic blue wardrobe. [ read more ]

5 Warm and Cosy Homes You Would Love To Live In

Date Posted: August, 12 2016, Posted By: Dian Melissa Categories: Ideas & Inspiration

The appearance of a home can impact our psychology - colours can instantly affect your mood, and how you decorate can change the perception of having more space. These warm and comfy homes may give you that stroke of genius to help you look forward to going home at the end of the day. 1. To Be A Couch Potato Not many things can beat the feeling of stretching your legs and simply lazing around on the couch and watching your favourite shows or movies on TV. [ read more ]

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