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5 Dual-Functioning Bedroom Ideas

Date Posted: August, 30 2016, Posted By: Deya Banerjee
Categories: Ideas & Inspiration

As prices for everything rise with our rising standard of living, items that serve more than one purpose become highly sought after. Similarly multi functional rooms are a great way to make more of the space that you already have.

1.     The Work-Rest Divider

It can be very tempting to cosy up and fall asleep when working or studying on your bed. You definitely wouldn’t want to be in such a situation if you’ve got a deadline to meet the next day. Divide your workspace and rest area by placing a simple long table next to your bed. Put a chair and some drawers on the other side of the bed and you’ve got yourself a nice workspace. This way the constant view of the bed will motivate you to finish your work faster.

Design by Fifth Avenue Interior

Neptune Court
S$ 85,000
Click here to view more of this project.

2.     The Right Balance Between Work And Play

Strike that perfect balance between work, play and chill (all in one room) with a design like this. The elevated study area visually separates the room into a study room and bedroom. The cushioned window seat is a great place to sit and enjoy a book or just to chill and watch the world pass by. The TV in front of the bed has been installed in the wall allowing for more space that otherwise a TV cabinet would’ve taken up. The positioning of the TV is great as anyone can switch to their favourite show and enjoy right from the comfort of their bed.

Design by Le Posh Design

Bedok North
S$ 32,000
Click here to view more of this project.

3.     The Small Space Saviour

Don’t have enough space in your house for a separate study room? No problem, just merge your study room with your bedroom. No space in your bedroom for a workspace? No problem, just adopt this amazing space saving technique by using a movable table on top of your bed. When not needed, you can stow it away at the foot of your bed. This design helps save space that a workspace would otherwise take up. It also cuts costs since now you won’t need a work chair or a bedside table. This table makes it a lot easier to browse through Netflix without our laptops burning a hole through our laps. So many benefits wrapped up in one simple design!

Design by Atelier Concept

11 Leedon Heights
S$ 28,000
Click here to view more of this project.

4.     The Headboard Solution

Beds tend to look incomplete without a headboard. Things tend to fall out of a table without something to prevent them from doing so at the back. Solve both those problems with one simple solution; positioning a table at the head of the bed provides the table with a back support as well as gives the bed a headboard. This feature works amazingly well in small sized bedrooms where every square centimeter matters.

Design by DSOD Interior

250 Pasir Ris St 21
S$ 70,000
Click here to view more of this project.

5.     The Half N Half

This effective design allows one piece of furniture to provide multiple functions. The black partition separates the workspace from the bedroom. However it also allows for a TV to be fixed to it, thus allowing more late night binge watching of shows from your bed.

Design by Inspire ID Group

485 Segar Rd
S$ 50,000
Click here to view more of this project.

Whether your bedroom is small or big, multi functionality is always a great feature that everyone looks out for. Give your room that something extra with these ideas.

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