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Essentials For A Work Space To Inspire Productivity

Date Posted: August, 19 2016, Posted By: Guo Hui Qing Categories: Ideas & Inspiration

How many times have we procrastinated when it comes to doing work? Countless, am I right? Let us help by sharing these amazing ideas on how you can do it. 1. Resting Corners Have a rocking chair or bean bag near your work space so you can take a short break when you get too tired from working. An effective brain-rest can definitely keep you motivated to continue working. [ read more ]

11 Elements That Will Make Your House Pop

Date Posted: August, 18 2016, Posted By: Guo Hui Qing Categories: Ideas & Inspiration

Just gotten the keys to your new house and don’t know where to head off after that? It could be a chore to come to a decision on just what should be in your house. Cast your doubts away for we have made this task easier for you! With these 11 ideas, there is bound to be something that can fulfill your needs. Read on and find out what they are! 1. Mirrors for Doors Mirrors are often more versatile than we think. [ read more ]

10 Ways To Make Your House Go Au Naturale

Date Posted: August, 18 2016, Posted By: Deya Banerjee Categories: Ideas & Inspiration

Singapore has the unique ability to be a concrete jungle as well as one of the greenest countries in the world.   Bring this balance between nature and industry into your home with these fabulous design ideas. Nature lovers, beware, following images may make you ‘green’ with jealousy. 1. [ read more ]

10 Ways To Inject Personality Into Your Home

Date Posted: August, 18 2016, Posted By: Dian Melissa Categories: Ideas & Inspiration

A person's home is usually a reflection of themselves; you are able to tell a lot about someone from the furniture in their house as well as the decor and items that are placed around the space. Here are some ways you can incorporate your personality into your designs. After all, where else can you be yourself if not at home? 1. For The Eccentric Ones Embrace your quirkiness with unorthodox retro designs that make your home stand out. [ read more ]

10 Organisation Hacks For Your Dream Closet

Date Posted: August, 18 2016, Posted By: Deya Banerjee Categories: How To

It is believed that the more clutter there is in your house, the less at peace you will feel. One of the most cluttered places in the house definitely has to be the closet. We use this space everyday (usually while in a hurry). Here are a few ideas to keep this space clutter free so you’ll never have to waste time untangling a necklace again! 1. [ read more ]

10 Dining Room Designs For You To Dine In Style

Date Posted: August, 17 2016, Posted By: Guo Hui Qing Categories: Ideas & Inspiration

Since time immemorial, people would gather to have meals to build their relationships. The venue where they gather is as important as the food and people. Here are some inspirations on how you can refurbish your dining room!  1. Modern Country You don’t need to live in a real farmhouse to embrace the beauty of the country side. [ read more ]

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